Anna Graczyk Yoga


BecOMeYoga classes are designed for everyone.

The main point and special attention which we will focus on, is meditation, breathing, relaxation, sense our own presence and have possibility to hear voice of heart – our intuition.

If you would like to experience benefits from yoga I believe above elements are the most important and needed to feel… sense….to become.

Anna Graczyk

Step by step, we will explore and look under the sheaths of layers of our thoughts, our emotions our feelings.

In a very gentle way I would love to shake ours Koshas: 5 Layers of Being to guide everyone, how to use yoga as a tool to experience balance, get rid of toxins from physical and mental body, reduce stress, anger and tension.

Moreover, with dedication, patience and a little bit of discipline we will have a chance to see our inner and outer world through the prism of truth –SATYA.

“Wherever you stand be the soul of the place” shine from your roots, heart and mind, do not be afraid to be present, as “all flying starts from the ground, the more grounded you are, the higher you fly”

Yoga is a beautiful miracle same as the life of each of us.

Om Shanti Om